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DNA Solutions has been helping for almost twenty years people from all around the world to solve their doubts on paternity and biological origins. DNA Solutions was the first company in the world which offered home DNA tests.

All DNA tests are performed at our own laboratories. Furthermore, DNA Solutions follows strict quality and results verification protocols. Apart from offering our DNA tests to private individuals, DNA Solutions works with many official institutions and governments all around the world offering our DNA testing services. Learn more about us.

DNA tests UK


We offer a wide variety of test procedures to be able to help with each specific case:

Check all the tests available and contact us if you have any questions.

Paternity Test United Kingdom by DNA Solutions


Our clients choose us because it is really easy to take a DNA test with us, and because we are available for any questions both before and after the result is obtained.

  • Home DNA Kit with everything you need to take the test.
  • Analysis of mouth swab samples: painless and 100% reliable.
  • Analysis of alternative samples (hairs, nail clippings, blood, etc.)
  • No hidden costs. All our final prices are available on our website and on the kit.
  • Fast and accurate results
  • We solve any questions about your results