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Frequently Asked Questions

About our DNA tests:

What do I have to do to take a DNA test?

To take your DNA test with DNA Solutions you simply need to order our sample collection kit. With the kit you will be able to collect the DNA samples. We provide step-by-step instructions with the kit to collect mouth swab samples, the collection of this sample is painless and really easy. You will then send the samples and paperwork back to us. We will perform the analysis and send you the results in a few days.

Is the test accurate?

DNA Solutions tests are extremely accurate and reliable. Our paternity tests, for instance, reach accuracy rates higher than 99.9999%. In any case, we provide the information regarding the accuracy levels of each type of test on our website, as well as on the paperwork that you receive when you order a DNA sample collection kit.

How long does it take to get the results?

Testing time depends on the type of test and service ordered. For a paternity test, for example, turnaround time is 10-15 working days. In any case, testing time for each type of test is stated on our website and on the kit paperwork.

How will I receive my results?

You will be able to choose how you wish to receive your results on your submission form. Typically, this will be via phone, email and/or WhatsApp (these options may vary depending on service availability and office location). However, please bear in mind that we may take some security measures before we can provide the results of your DNA test, such as your authentication with a password. Also, please remember that you will be able to receive a hardcopy of your result and reports at no extra cost (please check our terms & conditions for more details).

Are the results confidential?

DNA Solutions' privacy and security controls have always been very strict. For example, the results will only be communicated by the means that you have chosen on your submission form and, if we are contacted by any other means or person, we will request a password that only you and the person or people that you have authorised will know. It is nevertheless important to bear in mind that DNA Solutions abides by the current data protection regulations of the GDPR, which means that all the information that you provide as well as all the information that we obtain from your test is strictly confidential. However, also due to this law, all parties involved in a test, in case of official request, have the right to access this information. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Do you keep my DNA sample?

Any DNA sample or DNA product left once the test has been performed is destroyed 3 months after the results have been obtained. The documents provided are kept in physical or digital files for a longer period of time as per the current regulations. However, please remember that you have the right to request that the samples provided, as well as any paperwork or digital document is destroyed before said period according to the GDPR.

About the sample collection:

How do I take the DNA samples?

With your kit you will receive our special packages of brushes to collect a mouth swab sample. You will also receive step-by-step instructions on how to collect this type of sample. The packages for the brushes are specifically designed to keep your sample in good conditions until we receive them at our offices, even if we receive the samples several weeks after they were collected.

Is it a saliva sample what I need to send?

No. The standard DNA sample we work with is really not saliva, but a mouth swab sample (oral mucosa). For that reason, it is actually not enough to dip the brushes in saliva. Instead, you must rub these swab brushes against the inside of your mouth, as explained in the instructions.

Isn't blood a better sample than a mouth swab?

A blood sample is not better or more reliable than a mouth swab sample. DNA is always the same, regardless of the type of sample, as our DNA is the same in all of our cells. Collecting a mouth swab sample is a much easier procedure and completely painless. Most laboratories all over the world, even forensic laboratories, work with mouth swab samples as their standard samples.

Is it possible to send other types of sample instead of a mouth swab?

Yes. We can accept several types of bodily samples other than a mouth swab. However, the mouth swab is always the best kind of sample you can send, because it will provide the most DNA. If you want to know more, please just send us an email requesting our list of non-standard samples.

Can DNA be modified by other substances?

DNA cannot be modified by any drugs or medications, nor by food, drinks or by smoking. However, if any of the people who will provide a DNA sample has undergone a marrow transplant, please contact us.

At what age can a DNA test be done?

Age has no effect over DNA, so you can do a DNA test at any age, even before a baby has been born.

Do I need to send the mother's sample for a paternity test?

The mother's sample is generally not required to obtain a conclusive result for a paternity test. Only in certain cases it may be needed, like when the possible fathers are related. In any case, having the mother's sample will increase the accuracy of the paternity test result though. You should also know that the mother's DNA is mandatory for other testing procedures.

About the kit:

What will I receive with the kit?

The kit contains information on the test you ordered, step-by-step instructions for the sample collection, the paperwork you will need to fill out to take the test, and our special brushes to collect the mouth swab samples.

How do I get the kit?

To receive our DNA sample collection kit, you simply need to order it on our website: just go to the test page of your choice and fill in the order form. Moreover, if you cannot or do not want to wait for the kit to arrive, we can send the paperwork to you by email or WhatsApp, containing instructions to specifically collect DNA samples without the kit, keeping all quality guarantees.

What if I receive the kit but can't collect the samples right away?

Our brushes can be kept for a long time, as long as you do not take them out of their packages. Once you have collected the samples we recommend that you send them back to us as soon as possible. Even though mouth swab samples can provide enough DNA long after they have been collected, DNA degrades with time. Always keep the samples in a dry and dark place until you send them to us.

What if I don't want to receive the kit at my home or can't wait for it to arrive?

If you wish not to receive the kit at your home, we can send it to your work address or to a friend's home; simply provide to us a valid mailing address for your kit. If you are in a hurry and cannot wait for the kit to arrive, you can download the paperwork, or request it by email, and follow the instructions to collect the samples with cotton buds (the accuracy of the test will not decrease for taking the samples with cotton buds).

What if each party lives in a different city or country?

You can take a DNA test with us even if the people to test live in different cities or countries. Depending on where each party is based, we can send a kit to each of you, or we will recommend that you collect the samples with cotton buds. Thanks to the fact that DNA Solutions has offices all around the world, we take care of receiving each sample separately and joining them for the test. Please contact us for detailed information if needed.

About the prices and payment methods:

How much is a DNA test?

The price for the test varies depending on the type of test and on whether you order any additional services. The final price for each test is stated on our website (on the test's page), as well as on the kit. If you are ordering extra services (such as testing additional people or requesting an additional report) and are unsure about the final price, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to receive the kit?

The kit has no extra cost over the price of the test. The small amount we require to send the kit to you is to be deducted from the price of the analysis. For example, if the ordered test has a final price of £148, you will pay £19 to receive the kit and £129 when you send the samples back to us for testing.

How do I pay for the test?

The accepted payment methods for each service are stated on our website and on the submission form that you will receive with your kit. They usually include credit/debit card and bank transfer, although other options may also be available. Please contact us if you wish to use a different payment method.

Can I split the payment in two installments?

If you cannot pay the total price of the test when sending your samples, we can store them for a three-month period to give you some time to pay the remainder. However, please bear in mind that the analysis cannot begin until the full payment is received.

If your question hasn't been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.