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DNA Profile

DNA profile A DNA profile, or genetic profile, consists of the allelic values that an individual presents on each DNA region.

The DNA profile is unique to each person, as each one of us has a different combination of allelic values. Only monozygotic twins have the same DNA profile.

Having your DNA profile allows you to compare it to DNA tests you may have taken in the past, or that you may take in the future. It can also be useful for adopted children, as it will be a definitive proof of genetic identification.

The DNA Profile Test analyses 18 regions of DNA and includes an Allele Report with each of the regions tested.

You have 2 purchase options:

  • Pay for the complete test now and receive the kit by recorded delivery mail at no extra cost. The kit is sent with a tracking number and delivered upon signature.
  • Pay only a £19 deposit (deductible from the test price), and receive the kit by normal post. Pay the remainder when you send in your samples.