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Kinship Test

  •  to verify if a brother and a sister share the same biological father, although it can also be used to verify if they share the same father and mother.
  • the Kinship Test uses statistics to evaluate the amount of DNA that two (or more) persons share and, in consequence, determines whether or not they share a specific biological relationship.

    For example, full siblings have more DNA in common than half-siblings; and half-siblings have more DNA in common than two unrelated individuals.
  • to verify other relationships, like paternal grandfather and granddaughter, paternal grandmother and grandson, uncle/aunt-nephew/niece, etc. (However, it is important to bear in mind that the farthest the relationship, the hardest it will be to obtain result).
  • the accuracy of this test ranges from 80% to 95%. In some cases the result of this test can be inconclusive, meaning that it is not possible to determine if the alleged biological relationship exists or not. This scenario can sometimes be avoided by supplying additional samples; for example, by supplying the mother's sample when testing siblings to verify paternity. In certain cases, it is absolutely necessary that the mother's sample is supplied in order to perform this test. Please contact us for further information.

The price indicated above is the final price for the analysis of 2 people with standard samples. If the mother's sample is needed, it will be tested at no additional cost (for 1 mother, standard sample).

If you are unsure about whether this test is the best testing option for your case, please contact us. Please remember that, if there is a blood relationship between the fathers/mothers, this analysis may not be the adequate procedure for you; please, contact us before ordering your kit.

You have 2 purchase options:

  • Pay for the complete test now and receive the kit by recorded delivery mail at no extra cost. The kit is sent with a tracking number and delivered upon signature.
  • Pay only a £19 deposit (deductible from the test price), and receive the kit by normal post. Pay the remainder when you send in your samples.

Can't send a mouth swab?

DNA mouth swabWe can test other types of biological samples if you cannot send a mouth swab. Send us an email requesing a list of the non-standard samples we currently accept.

Can't wait for the kit to arrive?

DNA testIf you are in a big hurry, and can't wait for the kit to be mailed to you, you can download the paperwork for your DNA test. Fill in the forms and mail in samples taken by a cotton bud.